Becoming a Student

You must sign up to become a student. You need to provide your name, email and password to sign up your account.


Purchased courses

To check your purchased course list, click the 'My courses' section at the top header bar. Then you’ll get your purchased course list. There is no limitation for accessing the course. You can browse them at any time.




You can add any course in your wishlist. No restriction for adding course here. This section can be used for future purchase or reference. 


In messaging section you can chat with your course instructor. By selecting ‘Compose’ button you will be given a specific choice to select your instructor. Below the compose button chat list will be shown.


Purchase history

You can check your purchase history of your course in the purchase history section. Such as date, price and payment method. You can also download and print your invoice from here. 

Updating user profile

In ‘User Profile’ section you can update your personal information. You can also add social links (e.g. Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin) from ‘Profile’ sub section. Press ‘Account’ to change your password. From the ‘Photo’ sub section, you can update your profile image.


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